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About MCP

In 2016, Melvin Childs became the first African American to successfully negotiate a deal with a major motion picture studio to adapt a black film, Love Jones resulting in a multi-million dollar national touring production.
In 2021, Mr. Childs became the first to produce a black feature film in Oklahoma City, For the Love of Money, starring Katt Williams, Keri Hilson, and D.C. Young Fly. This movie was released last November in theaters nationwide. As a result of his partnership with Lionsgate, the movie is currently on all Video on Demand cable platforms including Amazon, as well as, on DVD in Walmart, Target and Redbox locations.
Mr. Childs has signed an extensive, two year streaming deal with STARZ entertainment and is currently in pre-production for his next feature film entitled Fade Em’Up starring Mike Epps and Monique which is set to start shooting in August.