Fiction / Drama / Romance

Thugs and the Women who love 'em

Where do you go when the hood is all you know? That’s the question that K. Michelle, Ray J, Jamal Wollard, Boosie Badazz, Lyfe Jennings and Karlie Redd join forces to tell. It is the story of four extraordinary women who have built a sisterhood through some very difficult times. These friends navigate the sex and crime-filled streets of the only home they’ve ever known. Now, one by one, each of them will be asked to choose between the men they love and the life they want. Are they really four strong, independent, black women ready to write their own story and be the stars of their own lives? Or are they destined forever to be nothing more than co-stars in somebody else’s script. Lisa wants out, desperately. Not just out of her neighborhood but away from the men that rule it. She’s had enough of the hustlers and pimps and drug dealers who offer nothing but short-term pleasure…and long-term pain. Shawn? Please…she ain’t goin’ nowhere. The hood is where Shawn belongs and she’s definitely not afraid to show it. She runs game with the best of ‘em and is quick to take advantage of any hustler who makes the mistake of thinking she can be played. Kelly and Candace are tired of the hustlers and the thugs and all the drama they bring. What they can’t let go of is the way these dudes put it down in the bedroom. They call it “Thug Love” and the two of them can’t get enough.


Melvin Childs


Jeanine Mclean


Zadia Ife


Timothy Allen Smith


K. Michelle, Boosie Badazz, Ray J, Lyfe Jennings, Jamal Woolard, Karlie Redd, and Amina Buddafly