’’Life is but a dream... ’’ Melvin Childs ’’...but nothing comes to sleepers, but a dream.’’ Melvin Childs
Photography by Aric Thompson, Dream Multimedia Group

Published Author, Theatrical & Entertainment Production Consultant & Filmmaker

O ver the last 20 years few individuals in the entertainment industry have been more innovative and resourceful than Veteran Producer Melvin Childs. Known for a critical eye in spotting new talent, Childs was the Executive Producer of Tyler Perry’s first national tours. It was Childs’ willingness to gamble on the then unknown playwright that led to Perry’s emerging as one of Hollywood’s biggest starts. Since playing an integral role in the success of the iconic entertainer, Childs has continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes to launch the careers of many struggling artists.

Childs has worked as the producer, as well as the executive producer on several of the biggest theatrical productions to tour the country such as Love Jones, The Musical, Barbershop, and Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. He is also the author of the bestselling book Never Would Have Made It, which chronicles the journey of the early years of working with Tyler Perry. He serves as Executive Producer and Producer of For The Love Of Money.