For the Love of Money - The Movie

For the Love of Money Official Movie Trailer Drops

For single moms, the burden is even heavier. The movie For the Love of Money, is a gripping story about Gigi (Keri Hilson), a single mother who is overwhelmed with debt and faced with losing her daughter in a bitter custody battle. Gigi will depart from the moral and righteous path she walked. And with nowhere else to go, Gigi returned to the illegal billion-dollar family business she renounced to save her daughter. Motivated by a mother’s love, Gigi makes a decision that will forever change her. Gigi will raise hell until it’s heaven.

For The Love Of Movie gives an in-depth and captivating account of the mechanics of the underworld where Life is the only thing that’s truly cheap. But everything else, from a car to drugs, gets more expensive every day. The movie draws in the viewers with its engaging and fast-paced storyline. This story balances its surprising twists, don’t blink! 

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