For the Love of Money - The Movie

Behind the Scenes with Sheen Magazine

We gave Sheen Magazine full behind the scene access. They took this opportunity to interview the cast of For The Love Of Money (FTLOM). Sheen was captivated by the cast’s candid responses and infectious positive energy when they spoke about the making of the movie, their inspiration, and their insight.
This action-packed movie (FTLOM) was inspired by the classic New Jack City, “Melvin Childs remarks” and it brings a whole new life to the timeless masterpiece. The depth of the characters will leave you speechless. The new generation is in for a special treat. The film stars Katt Williams, Keri Hilson, Rotimi, LisaRaye McCoy, Keith Sweat, Cedric Pendleton, DC Young Fly, Jason Mitchell, JAZZY JADE. Directed by Leslie Smalls,(FTLOM)is Executive Produced by Melvin Childs, Producer Melissa Young

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