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Melvin Childs on ‘For the Love of Money,’ filming during the pandemic and more

Exclusive: Childs recalled that shooting during the COVID-19 pandemic “kept him on pins and needles.”

Jared Alexander, the Grio

Melvin Childs‘ latest project, For the Love of Money, is in theaters now, and theGrio caught up with the creator to break down the film, creating art during the pandemic, and more.

Boasting an all-Black creative team (producer, cast, director, and distributor),For the Love of Money“tells the story of a single mother, who when pushed to her limits out of the need to protect her daughter, returns to a world she’s spent a lifetime running from.” The cast has some serious talent, including Keri Hilson in the leading role, as well as Katt Williams and LisaRaye McCoy appearing in the project.

While all the pieces eventually came together, Childs told theGrio filming during the pandemic did create some challenges.

Childs recalled that shooting during the COVID-19 pandemic “kept him on pins and needles.” From testing everyone to social distancing, there were plenty of hurdles that came about, but none as big as when the project’s director, Leslie Small, unfortunately, contracted COVID.

“Our director actually got COVID a couple days before the production,” he revealed. “So we had to shoot the first few days with him remotely…he directed from his hotel room!”

Still, Childs insists they “got through it,” and the film is certainly proof of that.

In terms of collaborating with his impressive creative team, Childs shared it all starts with visions in his head when he begins his projects. “I’m probably a de facto director because I have these visions in my head of what things are supposed to look like and feel like,” he explained to us. “And I think I’m pretty good at that, especially coming from a theater background.”

With his vision as the base, every other piece, from the casting to directing and actually shooting —it all comes together seamlessly.

Childs also has an impressive resume, having worked as a producer on major theatrical productions for over 15 years now, such as Love Jones The MusicalBarbershop and Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. As theGrio has covered, the theater industry took a major hit all over the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Childs shared with us that he is excited to start working on theater again, with his next show set to premiere in January.

“The theatre stuff is ever-evolving and is always changing, so it’s a bit of a challenge of things that come about on the daily basis,” Childs explained, comparing the experience to shooting movies.

All of these hurdles aside, Childs certainly still seems up to any challenge, as he also teased hopes to shoot more movies in the future.

For the Love of Money premieres in theaters nationwide on Nov. 24.

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